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Programming kit for Kannad ELT's, This set is also used to reset the counters on Kannad ELT battery. POA

Limit testing Software add on to the BT100 to verify testing US$595 +GST

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Lease to Own - BT100AV Triple per month in NZ $

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To reprogram Ameriking 451 series 406MHz ELT. We can also test, rebattery and recertify Ameri-King ELT's

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RF Screened box developed for use with all the BT100 Testers POA

WS Technologies tester 406/243/121.5MHz- No longer available, see BT200ELT

WS Technologies tester 3 freq + stability. 406/243/121.5MHz- No Longer available see BT200ELT

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NEW 2017 model from WST. smaller, lighter and more functions- POA

BTAVTriple 121.5/243/406MHz tester ruggedized for maximum protectionPOA- No longer available see BT200