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Kannad XS-4 GPS PLB with buoyant pouch and lanyard. This is being replaced with the FastFind220- Same Price. Contact us for details where to buy at $589.00 incl GSTFree registration and delivery within NZ

Fastfind 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon

Micro case for XS4 PLB or McMurdo PLB211

MT410G GME with imbedded GPS

Training commissioning beacon 121.6MHz. Can be converted to aircraft droppable datum beacon

Buoyant pouches for Kannad XS4 or McMurdo 211-

Wrist Lanyard to suit Kannad XS4

Neck lanyard to suit kannad XS4

Kannad XS4 universal Pouch

To reprogram an overseas purchased XS4 or McMurdo F211 to New Zealand and add Buoyancy kit and lanyard to bring to NZ Standards

Kannad PLB SOLO 406MHz GPS