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IA-80 Evolution

Tactical pouch

Torch pouch Molle- Black only

Baltic 160 Back / grey with CAA light- Part 91/135

SWITLIK TSO - C13f Life Preserver - FAA approved-Adult, 10 year service interval. Sealed pack.

Switlik INFANT TSO - C13f Life Preserver - FAA approved- 10 year service


Switlik pocket LH Molle for X-Back

Switlik pocket RH Molle for X-Back

Heeds 3 c/w pocket for Molle attachment

Hire FAA / TSO approved Lifejacket per day

ETSO/CAP 1034 vest & EBS package

Switlik X-Back basic fitted with pockets, TSO approved dual cylinder

TSO Flotation for Harnesses. Add FAA-approved flotation to your swimmers harness.

ETSO Constant-Wear Life Vest - ETSO-2C504 approved For use on helicopter operations to and from helidecks located in hostile sea areas.

Switlik X-Back HeliVest FAA approved-Dual cylinder. VERY comfortable Molle- just add accessories

Baltic inflatable lifejacket c/w approved light. Contant wear style CAA acceptance Rule Part 91 & 135- Red also available