KANNAD PART 145 Repairs


Aviation Safety Supplies Ltd is the only New Zealand approved Repair Station by Kannad.

If your ELT while testing denotes a fault, please contact us immediately for assistance.

Please note following;

We can supply you a loan ELT while yours is being assessed at $30.00 + GST plus Courier costs

If we quote for the repair and you do not accept that repair cost, you will be charged a nominal $30.00+ GST for the evaluation of the repair.

If you need to hire a Kannad Compact we have these available at $10.00 per day plus GST

To hire the 3 frequency 406AF or 406AF-H these are $35.00 per day + GST

Any repair of an ELT PCB is normally expensive and if the battery is also due to expire, it may be more economic to buy a new unit. If you choose that option, we will provide you a trade in on your old unit and also waive the evaluation fee. If you do decide to allow us to repair your unit, we do provide a 12 month warranty.

We also have Kannad AF, AF-H and Compact ELT exchange units readily available so we can exchange a repairable ELT with a replacement unit normally on the same day.

 Kannad Repair Certificate

CAA Part 145 Certificate here