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AmeriKing AK 451Must be removed from service- No longer available-AD by FAA

inc GST: $0

Artex ME-406 ELT battery Kit complete. This should be fitted by a qualified engineer. Note new tray required

inc GST: $474.7775

Artex ME406 Mounting tray with stainless steel strap- Velcro strap must be changed at time of battery change to this bracket

inc GST: $0

BAT200 kit complete with seals, dessicant, screws & nylock nuts and Compact / Integra replacement battery. These need to be fitted by an authorised person- Contact us for who.

inc GST: $0

BAT300 battery kit complete with seals, dessicant and Kannad AF, AP, AS & or AF- H replacement battery. The kit to be fitted by an authourised person.

inc GST: $0


BT100 test report along with Form One release to service. This cost excludes battery

inc GST: $184

Kannad XS3 replacement battery & top transparrent cover - including GPS check and full recertification with CAA release certificate

Indent only

inc GST: $0

Recertify and test 406MHZ ELT with BT100 when changing battery / full service

inc GST: $28.75

Test & Inspect MUSTANG MV971 PFD to comply with NZ CAA AD DCA/EMY/41

inc GST: $69

To Reprogram ACK ELT to New Zealand Encoding and recertify.

Note that the ELT needs to be dissasembled to reprogram. Ex Tauranga

inc GST: $231.4375

Urgent AOG. A refurbished Kannad Compact - Same day despatch.With new battery based upon an exchange of your operational unit. 12 Mth warranty

inc GST: $914.25