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Kannad XS-4 GPS PLB with buoyant pouch and lanyard. This is being replaced with the FastFind220- Same Price. Contact us for details where to buy at $589.00 incl GSTFree registration and delivery within NZ

inc GST: $0

Wrist Lanyard to suit Kannad XS4

inc GST: $19.55

Neck lanyard to suit kannad XS4

inc GST: $23

Buoyant pouches for Kannad XS4 or McMurdo 211-

inc GST: $37.95

Kannad XS4 universal Pouch

inc GST: $37.95

Micro case for XS4 PLB or McMurdo PLB211

inc GST: $46

To reprogram an overseas purchased XS4 or McMurdo F211 to New Zealand and add Buoyancy kit and lanyard to bring to NZ Standards

inc GST: $169.74

Training commissioning beacon 121.6MHz. Can be converted to aircraft droppable datum beacon

inc GST: $339.25

MT410G GME with imbedded GPS

The cheapest PLB in the market today.Free registration and delivery within NZ

inc GST: $562.35

Fastfind 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon

220 mini with GPS embedded.

SALE! NZ$488.25
inc GST: $561.4875