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WS Technologies tester 406/121.5MHz + stabilty

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WS Technologies tester 406/243/121.5MHz- No longer available, see BT200ELT

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Tester two frequency 406/121.5Mhz only. We have a hire unit at $200.00 per month available

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RF Screened box developed for use with all the BT100 Testers POA

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NEW 2017 model from WST. smaller, lighter and more functions

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To reprogram Ameriking 451 series 406MHz ELT. We can also test, rebattery and recertify Ameri-King ELT's

inc GST: $198.375

Lease to Own - BT100AV Triple per month in NZ $

inc GST: $373.75

Limit testing Software add on to the BT100 to verify testing US$595 +GST

inc GST: $985.55

Programming kit for Kannad ELT's, This set is also used to reset the counters when cahnging any Kannad ELT battery.

inc GST: $2116

WS Technologies tester 3 freq + stability. 406/243/121.5MHz- No Longer available see BT200ELT

inc GST: $8441