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50 Ohm Load for testing BNC

inc GST: $46


inc GST: $69

DIN 12 Plug for Kannad ELT

inc GST: $85.997

Kannad universal mounting bracket

inc GST: $208.863

Label/ Decal- ELT located here size 150mm x 120mm

inc GST: $17.25

Locking Pin, AS Kannad S1820518-01

inc GST: $164.45

Nav Interface CS144A POA

inc GST: $0

Nav Interface POA

inc GST: $0

Outside Buzzer Assembly

inc GST: $343.85

Sold in 1 foot increments suitable for Kannad 406AF Compact 24 gauge shielded tefzel wire. Priced per foot

inc GST: $2.875

Velcro strap 50mm wide grey to suit Kannad 406AF & AF-H range.We ecommend that it is replaced at the same time as the battery

inc GST: $207

Water sensor no ballast kit

SALE! NZ$120.00
inc GST: $138